Financial Performance Management

Software To Manage All Your Financial Data


Arguably, one of the biggest challenges for your financial department and its leaders, is the consolidation and standardization of financial data from different sources. Let’s face it, not only is this compilation a manual and time-consuming process, but it’s also prone to error. Rest assured, our Client Advisory Services Group is there to help you implement a standardized database that is valid, transparent and complete. Built to bring order to your financial statements, our Financial Performance Management (FPM) solution makes it easier than ever to meet deadlines and make important company decisions with speed and reliability.

Integrated Software

Designed to give you a holistic view over your financial data, our application integrates or bundles the entire financial management process together, which includes:

  • Financial Statement Consolidations
  • Financial Planning
  • Management Reporting
  • Real-Time Analysis
  • Inter-Company Reconciliations

A Comprehensive View of Your Financial Statements

Easily maintain financial structures, hierarchies, and master data sheets with boosted employee efficiency and data certainty. Automatically update all reports across the entire financial cycle (e.g. period, actual/plan, company) within one application. This end-to-end integration eliminates the need to use multiple accounting support platforms, allowing for speedier processes in planning, reporting, and analyzing. Not to mention, more transparency into inter-company reconciliations and more time to spend on interpreting your financial data. Better yet, your finance department can do away with IT support staff reliance, because our easy-to-use software grants visibility from all angles.


By transferring data from a range of sources, like ERPs, Excel files, financial accounting systems, and flat files to one application, you have a firmer grasp on your financial figures. Eliminating the plethora of sources ensures a single source of truth for past and anticipated financial data, better certainty, maximum traceability, and increased efficiency. For your business, this means more time for analyses and more reliable numbers to make important strategic business decisions, which are crucial to your everyday internal and external accounting operations.

Run by the Numbers

Give yourself more time to focus on effective and data-driven decision making and execution with the ability to view and analyze past performance, align operational tactics and financial strategies, anticipate and identify performance gaps, & forecast future insights using one aggregate solution.


With a Financial Performance Management system it’s never been easier to organize:

  • IPO Preparations
  • Carve-Outs
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As)
  • Implementations
  • Training
  • Consulting

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