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Helping You Navigate Life's Transitions

The financial world can be complicated  and changes in life can add to its complexities. Whether it is the loss of a loved one, divorce, job change, or retirement that finds you in transition; it is never too late to begin planning for your future.

Life events can be opportunities to start working with a professional who can assist you in the initial steps in the planning process or review your existing financial plan and its application to your current situation. Mueller Financial Services’ team of dedicated professionals are passionate about helping  women pursue their goals by educating, empowering, and inspiring them to make wise financial decisions for themselves and their families.

Did You Know?

A man reaching age 65 today can expect to live, on average until age 84.3; a woman until age 86.6. With longer life expectancies than men,  women tend to live more years in retirement and have a greater chance of exhausting  sources of income.

Social Security Administration 2015

Our Approach

When life changes occur there are many decisions and tasks that need to be addressed. These decisions and tasks can be overwhelming and confusing; we are here to help.  We believe your financial plan should be as unique as you are. So, we take the time to create a customized plan to assist you to pursue your goals and dreams while feeling financially confident. Through the planning process we will address all areas of your financial life including:

Cash Flow Planning


Tax & Estate Planning


Charitable Giving


Special Circumstances


Education & Events


  • Invest in Yourself education seminars, workshops, and presentations
  • Resource referral network of professional women to assist you during transitional events
  • Quarterly newsletters focused on women’s financial savviness and well being
  • Panel discussion events geared towards relevant financial issues




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