Managing Risk Insurance

Risk management and insurance needs planning involves structuring your personal and business affairs to provide liquidity and/or income for you and your family in the event of premature death, unforeseen disability, and planned retirement. Our reviews look at ownership and beneficiary designations to make sure assets pass to intended heirs in the most tax efficient manner.

Risk Management Analysis

We recommend performing a Risk Management Analysis to identify your potential types of risk. Our detailed analysis reviews the following:

  • Your occupation as an indicator of risk
  • The type of assets you own
  • Your total net worth
  • Business liabilities and obligations
  • Family obligations
  • Insurance coverage currently in place

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Protection Review

Performing a review of the financial risks we face every day is often the most valuable planning you can do. Without adequate amounts of the proper type of protection, all the financial stability you have created can be upset. As an independent agency, we have access to many products with top rated companies. This allows us to design a plan to address your unique protection needs and budget.


Our goal is to assist you with:

  • Protection against the risk of dying before accumulating adequate assets to provide the level of support and lifestyle you’ve promised your family.
  • Protection to provide ongoing income for you and your family to allow you to live confidently in the event you are sick or hurt, and can’t work.
  • Protection to prevent liquidation of your retirement portfolio to cover the ultimate costs of long term care.

How We Can Help

Insurance Policy Review

The purchase of Life Insurance is a generous, unselfish financial gift to your family. Unfortunately, some of the benefits may never be realized. Many individuals who have paid premiums during their lifetime are seeing benefits evaporate due to uncontrollable changes in interest rates and expenses. Our results show nearly 60% of policies reviewed can be improved on the basis of cost, length of coverage, or benefit amount. Changes in interest rates, medical advances, improvements in policy design and the financial situations of the life insurance company are all factors that must be evaluated to assure the life insurance coverage remains as stable as it was intended. With experience in this field, we have developed a comprehensive “Life Insurance Review” program that examines every aspect associated with a life insurance policy. The result is an objective analysis of a given policy along with alternatives that may potentially prolong coverage.

Asset Review

The way an asset is owned can have a significant impact on how it passes to heirs. It is a grave error when beneficiary designations are not updated to reflect changes in your life and benefits do not go to the intended individuals. Through a review of current ownership and beneficiary designations we can identify potential problems and make recommendations to correct them before it’s too late. You owe it to yourself and your family to make sure your assets are protected against life’s changes and positioned properly to provide not only for you during your lifetime, but for your heirs.